A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for Global Game Jam 2023

CATastrophe strikes - get to the root of the problem!

C:\ATASTROPHE is a hectic, fast-paced action/bullet hell game where you play as a virtual pet cat wreaking havoc on an unattended computer. Get to the root directory to save your owner's computer from certain self-destruction!


  • MOVE: Use WASD to move!
  • ATTACK: Aim using your mouse, then click the left button to CHARGE towards it and attack enemies!


  • Michelle Zhang: 2D Splash Art / Cinematic Animation
  • Ethan Godwin: 2D Sprites / Player Animations
  • Connor Blankenship: Level Design / Scripting
  • Joseph Horak: Programming
  • Marin Clark: Design / Scripting
  • Will Sords: Audio Design
  • Kelly Shen: Programming / 2D Enemy Art and Backgrounds
  • Jasper Murphy: Composer
  • Melody Geiger: Design / Support

VFX Assets from asset packs by kiddolink


CATASTROPHE_Windows.zip 54 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and open the .exe without moving any of the folder contents. Enjoy!


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The title screen and the electronic feel of the background music made me feel excited about the old PC world.

The stage is also nice with elaborate backgrounds and accessories.

The ending was very cute, and it was great to know what was happening in this world! Kitty kawaii!